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Dancing With
The Waiau Stars


The members of the Waiau Star Rugby Club showed great commitment again: they swapped the tough clashes on the rugby fields for the soft moves of the dance floor! :)


On April 13, 2024, Saturday, the Tuatapere RSA Hall hosted the club's fundraising evening, where the club members and their partners showcased their dancing skills. After months of intense rehearsals, they now stood before the audience, aiming to not only spread joy and entertainment but also to encourage the audience and supporters to donate as much money as possible to support the operation of the organization, which is exceptionally important for the region.


On this overwhelmingly successful evening, before the dance performances, the below short films provided a glimpse into the challenges of the dance rehearsals, where the couples honestly shared their feelings towards the task. For anyone who might doubt how far the couples stepped out of their comfort zones, it's definitely worth watching how they brought their best selves to the dance floor through persistent work.

On behalf of the team, we thank you for the tremendous support and contributions!


Enjoy the following videos, and don't forget to leave some funny messages at the bottom of the page! ;)


We thank the dance teachers for their infinite patience and assistance as well:

- Gina Stevens (La Muse Dance School)

- Karl Herman (Invercargill Rock 'n Roll Club)

- O’Leah Peterson (Invercargill Rock n Roll Club)

- Maree Henderson (Latin Dance Invercargill)

- Rachel Wilson (Rachel’s Studio of Dance) 


Feel free to leave comments below!

Comments (2)

Apr 13

Absolutely fantastic night put on by our by our local talented people and lots of fun for our little town hope you raised lots of money


Apr 13

The interviews are priceless, well done. Hope you had a fantastic night and raised lots of $$$

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