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Alright, so who are we?

Red Guy Films is more than just a group of skilled professionals - we're a team of happy, passionate and enthusiastic wizards. We have a varying number of creatives on board depending on the project, so you can trust that we'll have just the right amount of magic to make your project shine.

As a small production company, we believe in giving your project the VIP treatment it deserves. By truly understanding your goals and vision, we can tailor our approach to create a more impactful final product.

We are a team that loves to work together - like one big, happy family of experts. Each of our members brings their unique skills and expertise to the table, so we can create something truly awesome that helps you achieve your goals.

With whom you will
definitely always meet:​

Our Clients

Would you like to join the group of our satisfied partners?

and let's create something new together!

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