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Sparkling Lights

Aaron & Zoey

On February 2, 2024, we had the privilege of witnessing Aaron and Zoey exchanging vows of eternal fidelity in Wanaka. Until the very last moment, it seemed like it would be a rainy, gloomy day, but fortunately, everything turned out fantastically.

While the boys enjoyed the morning with relaxing massages and cold beers, the girls were busy getting their breathtaking hairstyles and makeup done. Guests and the groom arrived first at Dublin Bay, the venue for the ceremony, which offered a fantastic view of the bay and the surrounding mountains. Although the sky cleared up by then, the strong wind provided many cheerful moments, resulting in beautiful shots.

It was at the beginning of the ceremony when Aaron first looked Zoey, which was a fantastic moment. Laughter filled the air throughout the ceremony, setting the tone for the entire day. After family and group photos, we flew by helicopter to Coromandel Peak, where the stunning views provided the backdrop for Mr. and Mrs. Barclay's champagne popping and celebration.

Upon returning from the tour, dinner and speeches commenced, which were simultaneously joyful, emotional, entertaining, and thought-provoking. The evening was crowned by the first dance, making it even more unforgettable: Aaron and Zoey had prepared their own choreography, which included quite a few unconventional elements... :)

It was a fantastic day: happy, joyful, emotional, and very memorable. With the following two films, I would like to wish much happiness and shared adventures to Aaron and Zoey!

Enjoy the movies, and don't forget to leave a message for the newlyweds below! :)

The Love Story

This film is a bit longer and more melancholic and emotional, focusing on the moving moments of the big day alongside the joyful ones:

The Happy Highlight

This film is a shorter, more concise, and happier summary of the day with Aaron and Zoey's favourite songs. Enjoy!


Share your best wishes with the newlyweds!

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Messages (3)

07 mars

Love ❤️ your video of your special day, it was a beautiful day and we loved being there to share it with you all X Sharyn &Deane


07 mars

Congratulations to you both, what a beautiful video of your special day ❤️ Jo & Tony Osborne


05 mars

This video is amazing - loved it ! We had the best time, sharing your special day , with special memories to cherish. Thank you -Love Nana & Grandad xxx

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